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Third Thursday

Taylor Texas

120 ART Gallery

Fute classes starting soon



Calling all Fluties! Flute Circles are back in 2015!


  • Third Sat. 2:00 PM


    Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church

    7127 Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX



About my Totems


 My totems tell a story. Some tell stories of nature, travels, struggles, triumphs, etc. and others tell stories of the person I am making the art for.The materials I use depend on the story but I like to put wood and glass together. I also use metal, rock and other found objects. Customers have given me objects that are important to them and I have incorporated them in their piece. For example, someone brought me broken poetry, glass and rusty metal that his parents collected from an old closed-down mine in Colorado and another gave me turquoise and deer horns. I make furniture in the same way.

About my Flutes


My flutes are not mass produce--each one is hand crafted and no two are alike. Most of my flutes are made with cedar. I find that it makes a warmer sound but I also have made them out of cherry, mahogany, maple and 150-year old elm which a customer brought me. This elm was from an old family tree that had sadly died. I was honored to make flutes out of this wood. I seal them inside and out to help with moisture and preserve the art work. I have a passion when it comes to making flutes especially making custom pieces.

My Flute Story


While on a motorcycle trip to the mountains I saw and heard my first Native American Flute. While I was sitting to watch and sketch the sunset, a flutist came and played. Everyone became silent; it was such a peaceful and beautiful sound. I knew right then this was my calling. It made perfect sense to put my love of wood, art and music together. I was a carpenter for 30 years and an artist for as long as I can remember. I studied hard , worked long hours, travelled distances, and met wonderful people to get to this point and am blessed every minute.

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